Certified Coaches Federation Presents: Certified Life and Executive Coach Training – Vancouver, B.C. December 6 – 7, 2014

Interested in building a successful life coach or business coach practice? Are you in a position in your company where you are support for others? Do you work in HR or lead a team of 5 or more?

The Certified Coaches Federation has certified more than 9,300 Life Coaches and Executive Coaches since 2006 (and I am one of them) and is now recognized as one of the Leading Life Coach Certification and Executive Coach Certification Programs in the world! Voted Best Life Coach Training Course 4 years in a row! CCF is now offering our Life Coach Certification and Executive Coach Certification Programs in 100 cities around the world!

The two words used most often when describing our Life Coach Training and Executive Coach Training Courses are brilliance and simplicity! The Certified Coaches Federation offers a succinct course that gets to the heart of the coaching process and has removed any non-essential components in the process of helping our clients achieve their goals!

I want to personally invite you to our 2 day Life Coaching Certification Course, which is being held in Vancouver at the Sylvia Hotel on the weekend of December 6 – 7, 2014 – http://www.sylviahotel.com/.

Our Coaching Program is designed as the “all meat, no fat” course specifically designed to teach you how to coach more effectively, and how to build your business more effectively as a Coach, for those who qualify. Many folks involved in “people helping” are adding Life Coaching Certification as another effective tool in their tool kit, all with the aim of helping our clients remove barriers, achieve their goals, and come to a place of personal, relational and career fulfillment. Some are even growing a practice as a Coach to the point that it becomes their full-time work. In 2 days you can become a Certified Life Coach! All CCF Graduates are automatically enrolled, at no additional cost, into our one year continuing education program as well.

Life Coaching – or self-development consulting – is a new phenomenon. It is gradually gaining prominence and has now spread worldwide. This relatively new profession is emerging because of a major shift in social parameters. In this present day, change has become the norm. Studies that have been conducted indicate that 70% of the participants in coaching relationships reported significant increases in their areas of focus. Several participants described immediate beneficial changes, and 95% cited the process as worthwhile.

Coaching is now estimated to be over a $5 billion/year in the U.S., and about $400 million/year in Canada. 60% of American companies use or have used an Executive Coach. The role of a counselor is to help an individual resolve issues of the past in order to operate more effectively in the present. A coach, on the other hand, helps us assess the present so that we can operate more effectively in the future.

Although Life Coaching is clearly therapeutic in that its aim is to enhance an individual’s performance or life experience, there are significant differences between this and psychotherapy. Coaching is short term (generally between 3-12 months) and is solution based. Coaching therapy understands the client is able and functional, and focuses primarily on the present and future, and not so much the past. Coaching is a results-orientated systematic process in which the coach facilitates performance enhancement and life skills development, rather than treating dysfunction. This difference means that a coach can be far more vigorous and challenging (albeit in a client-friendly manner) and can hold their client responsible for their commitment to change to a greater degree than the therapist can.

We are aware that you looking at your options. Please consider the Certified Coaches Federation. We will help you not only coach people, but build your business in a people focused and profitable way.

If you are interested and have any questions about the course, please call me at your earliest convenience at 403-389-1190. Or you can call Derrick at 1-866-455-2155. You can also gather information or register online at www.certifiedcoachesfederation.com.

The investment for this weekend registration is only $979 + HST. This includes the two day training, enrolment in the one year Continuing Education Program, Certification as Certified Life Coach, and one free Coaching session with your facilitator, a Master Coach. If you are able to refer someone who registers and takes the course, we will also pay you $100. If you register 28 days before the course begins or earlier, you also qualify for our early-bird discount of $100. So the cost can be $979, or $879, or even $779, plus tax.

Lastly, everyone who registers for the Certified Coaching Practitioner Training, as above, can also now take our world class Hypnolinguistics Course for free!

Hypnolinguistics® is a course that teaches coaches how words impact the coaching process from a cognitive and psycho-linguistic perspective. Have a look:  http://www.hypnolinguistics.com/

In essence, we are offering two courses for one!

The Registration Cost for the program includes:
– The 2-Day Intensive Program,

- A follow up one-on-one coaching session with the trainer,

- Ongoing membership to the Healthy Wealthy and Wise Membership Area,

- Monthly tutorials – one on coaching skills & strategies; one on the business building & marketing aspects of coaching. There is also an archive of 12+ months of tutorials,

- Full audio program – which review the essential concepts of the 2 day-intensive,

- Downloadable copies of the course forms,

- Downloadable Certified Coaches Federation Logo to use in your business materials

- Access to Hypnolinguistics® – http://www.hypnolinguistics.com/

To register for our upcoming Certified Coaching Practitioner Training, simply log on to www.certifiedcoachesfederation.com, or call 1-866-455-2155.

In essence, we are offering two courses for one!

Here is a short video of some who recently took the course with me…

If you have specific questions, I would be more than happy to chat here back and forth, or on the phone. I am the Vancouver Master Coach Trainer for the Certified Coaches Federation.
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Why Invest in Critical Illness Insurance

The financial consequences of a serious illness are often worse than those of death. In addition, the chances of a critical illness attack on any of us are much higher than those of death, at least before retirement age. Critical illness coverage/insurance is a long-term insurance policy where you’ll get a  ‘lump sum’ of money tax free. Think of it as a one-off payment if you’re diagnosed with one of the serious illnesses covered by your insurance policy. Let’s face it, in these high stress times, it is more often that someone is diagnosed with heart attack, stroke, end stage renal failure, major organ transplant, or a total loss of hearing or sight. If you think about which friend or family member that has recently been diagnosed it is always surprising and these are the kinds of surprises people don’t like. But it happens, daily. CI coverage is designed to pay off your mortgage, debts, or pay for alterations to your home such as wheelchair access should you need it, because when you are diagnosed with a critical illness and need time off from work for treatments your employer will not be paying you for time off.  As well, the medication and treatments that are not covered by your health plan can be very costly. Again, the money you get from a critical illness policy can be used to pay off a mortgage or rent, to pay for medical bills, on going bills or for anything else.


When might you need critical illness cover?

Never rely on benefits from the provincial government to support you if you become critically ill – these are always less than you think. Trust me, my mother soon found out the hard way when she was diagnosed with cancer and opted out of disability insurance and critical illness insurance. She lost her job, so she had no income. Not all of her treatments were covered by Alberta Health Care and she didn’t have benefits from work, and even if she did she wasn’t working so those benefits would not apply to her if she is no longer at the company. Guess who ended up taking care of her rent, medical bills, groceries, income for her? You got it; me. My mother opted out of insurance even though I said I would pay for her premiums she didn’t want to do the health exam and then a couple years later she was diagnosed with nasal pharynx cancer. And now being 64 her premiums are well into the hundreds per month. If you are young and healthy now is the time to get insurance on your life. The longer you wait, the more expensive it will be and if your health starts to go then you may not be qualified for insurance.

Critical illness coverage could be a good choice for you if:

  • you do not have savings to tide you over if you were seriously ill
  • you do not have a good employee benefits package to cover a period of time off work due to sickness
  • your high-risk profession prevents qualification for traditional disability coverage
  • you have a high medical deductible
  • you don’t have health insurance
  • you are a parent
  • you are self employed
  • you are a homemaker

Some people think they are well protected because they have life insurance and some disability insurance. They are probably wrong. Critical Illness coverage is not a substitute of life insurance or disability insurance; rather it fills the gaps left by that coverage. You need it not because you may die soon, but because you are going to live.

Why would anyone need critical illness insurance benefits? Below are examples of what a small monthly investment of less than $15/month* do:

  • Cash to pay your mortgage while you are recovering.
  • Cash to pay for medical treatments that are not covered by your health plan.
  • Cash to pay bills – from car payments to insurance premiums.
  • Cash so you can travel for treatments not available locally (taxi rides are not covered).
  • Cash to pay for experimental treatments (not covered).
  • Cash to replace a spouse’s income while caring for the insured.

Whether the insured recovers from the disease or not and whether the insured is able to go back to work or not, have no effect on the payout of the benefit. I know you’ll find a way to put the cash to good use. Message me for your free critical illness quote. CI policies start as low as less than $5/month. The critical illness benefit works very similar to the lump sum cancer programs and pays a cash benefit to you upon diagnosis of a critical illness. The benefits range from $10,000, $25,000 or a $50,000 benefit. If you are in Alberta, please email me at rinachong@altig.com for your no cost benefit package which includes a $2000 certificate for your family when you pass, along with a vision discount program, child safe kit, and much more.

*Pricing depends on how much money you would like to receive.


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In its 17th year, the SOHO|SME is recognized as the premier event during Small Business Week/Month. At this years conference, attendees will learn how to overcome the top three challenges businesses face today: generating sales, marketing/branding, and cash flow/money.

2014 features a new, exciting and fresh program focused on:

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The SOHO|SME is the #1 business-to-business marketing event to motivate, inspire and drive business success – interactive, engaging and fun!

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Main Conference & Tradeshow (9:30am-4:30pm):

Special Online Rate $20 or $35 at the Door. Check out our star line-up of expert speakers, entrepreneurs and presenters. Event highlights include entrepreneur spotlights with Q&A, keynote sessions, coaches corner, workshops, exhibits & displays, amazing networking, prizes, giveaways and more…

SOHO|SME After Party (5:30pm-8:30pm):

Special Online Rate $59 or $69 at the Door. After a great days work, its time to celebrate. Lets build on those connections you made at the event, share a laugh and a drink. Location to be announced.

WORKSHOP – Customer Loyalty (4:00pm-5:00pm):

Presenter: Luke Aulin, CEO, RTOWN

70% of customers are more likely to choose retailers that reward them. A loyalty program may be the key to unlocking your customers loyalty.
Loyalty programs enable companies to attract, acquire, and retain customers. But coming up with new and interesting loyalty program ideas sure can be challenging.

Take the guesswork out of your loyalty rewards planning and start using a successful strategy that is custom made for your audience.

Tips for creating a captivating loyalty program
Best practices for implementation
Advice on how to market your rewards program
Industry-specific ideas
Tools to measure the effectiveness of your loyalty program

NOTE: Maximum of 50 seats available. Workshop will be filled on first come first serve basis. Get there early to secure your spot.

WORKSHOP – Intellectual Property (4:00pm-5:00pm):

Good Ideas are the Backbone of Any Successful BusinessIf Protected

10 Tips to Avoid the Most Commonly Made Mistakes in Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Presenter: Loren Mallett, Partner and Group Leader, IntellectualProperty and Technology, Alexander Holburn Beaudin + Lang LLP

Copyright piracy, trademark counterfeiting, and patent infringement havebecome significant problems in the business community in general, includingsmall businesses. Dont let your great idea orproduct get in the hands of another person or business. Intellectual Propertyprotection includes patents, trademarks, copyright, technology licensing andtransfer, industrial designs, computer and internet and tradesecrets. Legal expert Loren Mallett will share with you 10 important tipson making sure your idea or inventions are protected. Tap into hisexpertise and come prepared with your questions!

Overview on what to protect: Patents, trademarks, copyright,technology licensing and transfer, industrial designs, computer and internetand trade secrets
How to protect your intellectual property, what I need to do and why doI need to
How do you know what creative work, ideas and/or inventions belongs toyou
How to protect trademarks and avoid unnecessary disputes
plus bring your questions and tap into Lorens expertise and knowledge!
NOTE: Maximum of 50 seats available. Workshop will be filled on first come first serve basis. Get there early to secure your spot.

WORKSHOP – LinkedIn (4:00pm-5:00pm):

How To Generate More Business From LinkedIn

Presenter: Melonie Dodaro, Author of the #1 International Bestseller The LinkedIn Code, Founder, Top Dog Social Media

With over 300 million professionals using LinkedIn many are discovering they can quickly pan this goldmine for ideal clients. In this presentation Melonie shares her 3-step formula to laying the foundation for success with LinkedIn. Practical and relevant, this presentation reveals an ABC formula to create a LinkedIn profile and lead generation plan to attract more leads, prospects and clients.


The #1 thing you MUST do with your profile before you start inviting new people to connect with you on LinkedIn
How to get found at the top of the LinkedIn search results and have ideal clients find you
The biggest (and easiest to fix) secret for standing out on the LinkedIn network
4-steps to turning a LinkedIn connection into a new client

NOTE: Maximum of 50 seats available. Workshop will be filled on first come first serve basis. Get there early to secure your spot.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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A Top 11 List for the Female Jet Setter – Essentials of What to Wear and Pack for Carry on While Travelling

A Top 11 List for the Female Jet Setter – Essentials of What to Wear and Pack for your flight. If you’re like me, super ADHD and you are heading on a  plane ride that will be longer than 2 hours then I highly suggest packing everything below to ensure that you will have a productive, comfortable and healthy ride up in the sky….

  1. A scarf –  make sure it’s long and wide enough so that it can be used as a pillow when folded, a blanket when unfolded or if it is light and breathable enough you can us it as an eye mask that lightly covers your face (don’t ruin your eye make up with tight eye masks anymore).
  2. Healthy snacks are very important such as unsalted nuts (salted anything makes you retain water and make you look bloated and when travelling that is a no no – especially to a beach destination), dried fruit, energy bars, dark chocolate, gum, breath mints (in case of close conversations with your neighbour and perhaps to offer for your sake) powdered energy/vitamin drinks that you can mix with water on the plane. That will ensure that you get all your vitamins before they start getting depleted from business travels or vacation indulgence.
  3. A book – come one…. when do you really ever get the chance to read? Pick something that is going to add value to your life or if you’re life is always go go go and serious all the time then find something fun that will take your mind off things for a while. If it’s a short flight pick something that you can flip through that will inspire you before a business meeting. I love packing Gary Zukav of the Seat of the Soul, or Don Miguel Ruiz, the Four Agreements. Must reads anyways!
  4. A comfy pair of ear phones or head set as the ones that the airlines provide don’t usually fit well or do not drown out engine noise or crying babies enough.
  5. Shoes that slip on and off easily – laces or tall zip up boots are difficult to take on and off going through security/customs or in your seat and especially if your bladder is small then you will wish you were wearing slip ons for sure!
  6. Comfy pants that are stretchy or a long flawy skirt but make sure you keep it at least knee length or longer if you want to sit with your legs up on the seat (or so the person across the isle isn’t getting free in house leg entertainment during the flight).
  7. Always layer your tops, wear a tank top or t-shrit, and a sweater; you can use your sweater for extra padding for a pillow if you get too hot or an extra blanket for your bare legs if you get too chilly.
  8. Bring your laptop or iPad for music or movies because in this day and age not all movies/music are free and you always want to choose something that is of value to your health and personal/professional development. Audio books are amazing. Make this your time to spend on Self.
  9. Bring a pen and notebook – manifesting is best when handwritten with blue ink, on white paper, plus if you’re travelling abroad you will have to fill out paperwork on the plane so if you’re a germaphobe like me then you won’t want to borrow someone else’s pen. May as well bring two because someone will be asking to borrow yours.
  10. Wet naps, hand sanitizer, spray refresher for face, facial wipes, eye drops preferably natural eye drops like Refresh – the plane is so drying so make sure you’re hydrated so you look like you just got off a jet plane and not a 24 hour econo flight.
  11. And last but not least, wear a smile and bring a positive attitude. People love to travel to new destinations but no one really likes the the process of travelling. There’s nothing worse than seeing miserable people at the airport or on the plane to kill the mood.

Be happy no matter where you’re travelling because back in the day no one believed that we would be flying in a metal container and now at the click of a button, we have our flights booked and we are on our way to see loved ones and potential business partners in a matter of hours, and not months by foot or carriage. Positive vibes for a positive ride! Happy and safe travels!


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Get your FREE DAY PASS (Promo code IICYYC) and GET INSPIRED by Founder of ItsDateNight.com & Young Entrepreneur Award Winner MANDY BALAK, Co-founder of Webnames & Winner Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Business, CYBELE NEGRIS, CEO Robots and Pencils & 2013 EY Entrepreneur of the Year, MICHAEL SIKORSKY and more! Pre-register online at http://www.sohosme.soho.ca/index.php/inspiration-and-influence-conference/.Dont forget promo code IICYYC. Exhibits, expert panels (I’ll be sitting on the Sales Panel along with a very good friend and mentor Alnoor Dhalla of Manifast.com), business skills competitions, Coach’s Corner, Great prizes, Great networking and After-Party!

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Business owners professionals, sale/ marketing profesionals, executives, entrepreneurs, industry groups and experts who have a passion to succeed, a desire to learn & grow, and love to meet, mingle and interact with like-minded business people.


Keynotes panel sessions featuring industry experts and thought leaders, interactive exhibits and displays, free one-on-one expert advice at Coach’s Corner, business skills competitions, live demos, great networking and prizes, and more.


MARKETING: Is Email Marketing Dead? Is Social THE Way of Driving New Customers?

TECHNOLOGY: Uncover the power of mobile technology. Discover the Coolest Apps for Business

FINANCING: Money Money Money: How to Get It, Manage it and Grow it in your Business

SALES: The Ultimate Selling Experience: Take away the fear, anxiety and frustration to improve your sales success and increase revenues


ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Inspiring Entrepreneurs – Featuring today’s most innovative and game-changing entrepreneurs


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9:30am – 4:30pm
Main Conference & Tradeshow
Keynote Sessions, exhibits and displays, free coaching, skills competition, live demos, prizes and more
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5:30pm – 8:30pm @ CRAFT BEER MARKET (different for each city)
The SOHOSME After Party
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Toronto; Oct 15 http://www.sohosme.soho.ca/index.php/inspiration-and-influence-conference/

Vancouver: Oct 30 http://www.sohosme.soho.ca/index.php/inspiration-and-influence-conference/

Workshop Kitchen + Culture Grand Opening in Calgary

My foodie friend extraordinaire Terry Lo, aka @calgarydreamer for all your palette preferences, invited me out with his Master Wife (love them and their story!) to the grand opening of a restaurant called Workshop (@workshopyyc), which is located in the Historic Grand Theatre on 6th Avenue and 1st Street. Confused that a swanky little Japanese infused restaurant was enveloped by the walls only a couple of years ago has now been replaced by this nouveau, artsy meeting place where integrative live cuisine is crafted and meets with creative minds stimulating the taste buds with diversified aromas. The gatherers were chic, trendy, and aesthetically eclectic.

Kenny Kaechele – (@chefkenny) Chef/Owner took us down memory lane with his previous creations at Mescalero’s and classic restaurants and his story of his hardships and passion to keep moving forward, tears were amongst the crowd and his son who was video taping this on his phone seemed to be have a huge turning point in his life as he watched his father’s dream come true. The story was all heart and soul and the crowd was life family. Conrad Sawatsky is the general manager and happily mingling and welcoming everyone. I will definitely be back with a group of friends to enjoy the long social table they have in the middle by the kitchen and bar!


Life is no Game

I keep hearing people say that life is a game, this so called Game of Life; so basically some people are leaders and winners but most people are not, they do what they are told. I used to think that way too, especially with all the challenges, and boulders, and different levels. But we weren’t put on Earth to play a game of survival of the fittest. We are all meant to enjoy the co-habitation and co-creation of this beautiful planet.

Life isn’t a game, it’s a state of being. Take away uniforms, titles, labels, chains, stereotypes and conditions to reveal our authentic Self.  To only exist would be to live in default, but to be conscious, in this very state of reality, with an awareness of the divinity that resonates deep in your very core IS LIFE and what the meaning of what life is, a knowingness. What defines us is not about material wealth , it’s not about status and seniority and keeping up with the Jones’, nor is it about being superior than anybody else. We are all equal. Beautiful things are to be enjoyed, no doubt; fast cars, dream homes, vacations, beautiful wardrobe, but the ultimate goal is happiness and if you are killing yourself chasing those things then the intent is not from within.

Contentment. Within. All that you accumulated or have not accumulated is up to you to be deemed happiness worthy. This very moment. That just past. Now is always. The only moment is now. And  having the ability, mindset and appreciation of abundance is the only way to change your state and your goal is to always feel good NOW. A awakened state of being into the light of an Indigo soul….

Treat Your Employees with R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

I dislike hearing anyone being poorly treated at work. If you run your own company, or you are a manager of a group of employees can you please show your staff some R.E.S.P.E.C.T.? You think you have the upper hand and the power trip you are on is sooooooooo cool because you are finally where you always wanted to be, on top of a corporate pyramid. Remember where you came from. Remember how hard YOU had to work to get to the top. How did you feel when your boss or senior treated you like you weren’t worth anything? Is this pay back time for the chip on your shoulder?

Remember why you are doing what your doing. It’s not to run people to the ground or play games in a way to feed your Ego. Your employees work hard for YOU, they are building YOUR empire for YOU, they actually pay YOU if you think about it. It’s not cheap to have so many staff turnover and if you think it’s your staff that are the idiots, then may this be a reminder that your team is as only as good as you are. These people could work somewhere else but they choose to stay at your company with you.

If you want your company to succeed, screen better, hire better, train better and treat people with respect. Pay them well and tell them how grateful you are to have them and what great work they are doing for you. Stop picking at their faults and start praising them. If you hit a child they will cry. If you hit them more do you actually think they will stop crying? At the end of the day they are still human and someone’s family and you wouldn’t want anyone treating your momma or children with disrespect would you? But first have some respect for your Self so you can respect others.

Educating, Coaching and Protecting – The Work of a Guardian

Studying for my insurance license has made me realize how much I really didn’t know about company benefits, life and disability insurance, all the way to critical illness and long term disability. Like most, I thought I knew what I was covered for; however, there are so many limitations that you have to familiarize yourself with as to not be surprised when the time comes for you or a loved one to make a claim. The more people I speak with the more I realize they have no clue either. Because this hits home for me, as my mother fell ill with cancer and then finding out that she didn’t have any disability or critical illness coverage, but I’ll share that with you in later posts. My ultimate goal and where I am most in my element, moving forward, is not to be that ‘greasy insurance ‘sales’ person’ but to really educate people while coaching them on how to protect their family, loved ones and estate. LIFE HAPPENS! We do not have crystal balls.

Learning more about this industry and sharing it with my network has presented real life stories of tragedies and noble planning. The ones that said they didn’t need it, or said that it wouldn’t happen to them are the ones that would have benefited from insurance the absolute most and of course they look back and hind sight is always 20/20. Although most may see this as another item stretching an already tight budget (and if your budget is already this tight then insurance is a must if you have nothing else to fall on), life insurance isn’t about the need for it NOW, it is about planning for unforeseen events and not leaving your family devastated as well as in debt. Let’s face it, partner or no partner, children or no children,  coverage is needed for your estate and immediate family. When you leave, someone has to take over for your material life and it would be a shame to leave that with a family member or partner who may not be able to and then putting them in a financial crisis.

Life and disability insurance is a safety net, a financial safety net. If you don’t think you need it I bet you can look back at a time where a family member, a friend or an acquaintance all of a sudden passed away or had a quick turn in their health leaving them or their partner stranded for income.  I remember a friend of a friend who had a heart attack at 37; she was a yoga instructor, a vegetarian, didn’t drink, never smoked. Another example, my friend’s father who was in better shape than the rest of his pot belly, beer drinking friends, and he had a double heart bypass surgery at the early age of 62. Remember the 30 year old who was rollerblading and fell, hit his head on the cement and died even with the protection of a helmet. One of my friend’s mothers suddenly died in her sleep. Remember that even if you are covered at work you are not really ever fully covered. And once you leave, get fired or laid off, your benefits do not follow you and if you wait until you think you need it your premiums will be much higher as you get older.

Thank you so much for taking time to read this very important entry as I embark on a new journey, yet with the same passion for helping others. As it would be my great pleasure and honor, I hope that one day you will allow me to sit down with you and your family to go over your current policy to ensure that you are making educated and sound decisions on the protection of your future and loved ones. Many blessings! @RinaChong

Growth Through Hardships

Things aren’t going well? If you find yourself asking “Why is this happening to me?” often, there are two reasons why:

1. It’s fortifying you

2. It contributes to your growth

We’re not put on Earth to learn lessons. That is most definitely not our purpose. Our purpose is to be creators and work together and be happy as we contribute to the world together. Most may say that is in a perfect world. Whatever you think it it is, it shall be. The world is perfect just as it is, you only have to open your eyes to the beauty that surrounds you and focus on the positive. Sometimes we go through life with the best intentions and wonder why we deserve such pain, most of it is self inflicted when you really think about. How can someone do anything to you? They can do something horrible, sure, we have all experienced pain body individual in our lives that only know how to hurt others and of course you are allowed to go through the motions, but let me ask you, how long do you want to be in that negative space for? All the bad things that happen to you only fortifies you if you allow it to and only when you stop playing vicitim. Just remember that 2 years from now you will look back and it will only be a distant memory and if you allow it, I’m sure it has made you a stronger person and an even stronger person when you thank it for being a past experience and necessary contribution for your growth.

If you find yourself in the same situation again, take this opportunity to deal with it accordingly and from what you have learned from the last experience.  How will you handle it this time? What can you do differently that will bring you a different out come? When you are presented with the same situation again (abusive partner, bad business deal, being ripped off, being backstabbed) and you use your knowledge from the last time it happened, only then does that become wisdom. No matter how many books you have read, how many seminars you have attended, remember thisknowledge is nothing until you apply it to your life. You really haven’t ‘learned’ anything until it is presented to you again. What you do, being as mundane as some of the things seem to be, is all to prepare you for the future. To strengthen you so you can take on what is coming up next for you.

Being aware of the drama you are creating for yourself or for others and let Karma work by herself. If you are not happy where you are now then it is only a decision away to make a change. And if you are not happy where you are NOW, you will not be happy when you get THERE. You will not get anymore in life if you cannot appreciate all that you have now. Does that make sense? There is help everywhere, an unlimited abundance of resources; all you have to do is seek and find and ask and receive. Then there are those people that don’t practice what they preach and sing about love and collaboration when all they do is take and hurt. They are called pain bodies as mentioned before, and that is all they know, and trust me, like attracts like so be very wary of those people and people that are associated with them, guilty by association. I’m not talking about judging but using your common sense and being selective with you who surround yourself with. There is only so much you can do for someone before it starts taking away from you. Remember that helping someone should be rewarding for you within and if it starts to take a toll on your spirit or your bank account it may be time to reconsider your expertise.

Life is a series of events. When you are able to see things coming you will be more prepared and that means using your common sense and instincts. I can’t stress how much the Universe speaks to you daily, you just have to quiet your mind and meditate on  anything you are questioning. When you don’t listen the Universe it eventually screams at you and usually when it’s too late then you have no other choice and are forced to make changes. I have also learned that there are many hints that let you know when something isn’t right. So listen to them and you will find yourself in less sticky situations. When friends and family are telling you something it’s not because they are out to get you, it’s because they care for you. Don’t learn things the hard way. Be open and do your due diligence. Check out source and remember, all hardships are meant for your personal growth. Look beyond the pain and see the light at the end of the tunnel. You can do this because you were meant to handle all that God presents to you.

Thoughts are Things

Whatever you put your mind to, it has to be happy, positive reinforcing thoughts. No matter who you pray to, with, for, or what you wish for yourself or for anyone, friend or foe, your thought is a formless subtstance but it is a substance in which all things are formed.

The way anyone does anything is a result of the way they think about things which leads them to how they do things which creates the truth of their reality. Things are made up by thoughts. Your body is made up of your thoughts. Your entire life is made up from your thoughts. All that was imagined is put into fruition.

When a producer has a thought about a movie, he puts those thoughts into action and that movie is created with other forms of thoughts that he shared in order to create the whole production.  Just like how a house is built by thoughts and the creation of other thoughts put into the plan. So much like your life! The only way that your ideas or dreams that you thoguht of will not work are your limitations to it not working out so if you want it work out think that they will. You thought it, therefore it can be real. Believe and take action because THOUGHTS ARE THINGS AND SO ARE DREAMS.

LIVE AND IN PERSON The REAL WOLF OF WALL STREET – JORDAN BELFORT Vancouver May 1 | Calgary May 2 | Montreal May 12 | Toronto May 15




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Exposed – The No Makeup Challenge

Surprise! Here I am completely exposed to the world and my heart is still the same even without the war paint. I have been a makeup artist ever since after taking cosmetology in high school then getting trained by Christian Dior and Nars and every now and then I do a gig. If you know me then you know I am a creative; I love to paint (you can see some of my work in my blogsite), write, make jewellery, design, style, and I have always loved applying makeup on people and enhancing their beauty and it always gave me great pleasure to see the smiles and look of surprise when I was able to bring forth their features. So like a blank canvas a fresh face is my favourite canvas!

I started to see some ‘no makeup’ photos of friends on my social networks and remembered hearing about this last year on a talk show and just yesterday my friend had posted one of herself and challenged me along with a few other women to post a no makeup photo. This was not a challenge but a blog post and a couple fresh shots of me after a good cleanse. Thank goodness I had just seen my aesthetician, Chelsea Stepura, last week because she gave me the most incredible facial after my sun exposed skin from Cancun and now I get an excuse to post my squeaky clean skin!

What’s the big deal about this no makeup challenge? Makeup is bad for you, it’s a crutch, you’re trying to be someone you’re not, your just trying to hide your flaws, etc. If this was the case then being exposed would be a challenge for some. I enjoy applying makeup, can I go without it? Of course I can: on the beach, to the gym, when I don’t need to represent or when I’m working at home I love going au natural. It’s like my Sunday shampoo and I make sure that at least once a week I let my hair dry naturally. I am perfectly happy with who I am inside and I choose makeup and skin care that is good for my skin. Whatever makes you happy. If you look good, you feel good. Am I addicted? No. But I do enjoy it as much as fashion. It’s fun and shows off your style and creativity. Yes, we are already unique in our own ways but there’s nothing wrong with being extra feminine and feeling extra beautiful. Unless you’re a witch as soon as the makeup comes off then that could be a problem or you need to pack it up Mount Kilimanjaro. Everything around is just an illusion anways, makeup, clothes, the car you drive, the house you live in should not define you. Like anything, do it or wear it for you. The only thing worse than wearing too much makeup is wearing the wrong shades for your skin tone. If anyone would like a mini online skin consult I would love to hear from you! Be you!



Reflecting in Cancun 2014

Talk about disconnecting for a few days….that was definitely a first, losing your phone helps with that as well. I’ll make this short because I have to head back to the beach to work on the back side of my tan (I’m looking like a pancake that hasn’t been flipped yet). Things that I have most reflected upon my vacation on the beaches of Cancun so far:

#1 The Modern Ladies of Inluence Luncheon - I wanted to thank each and every single woman that came out to the event last Saturday, WOW WOW WOW! I have been on the beach meditating and feeling so much gratitude for the people that I have been surround by, I know that the challenges I have endured, the hard work I put in along with crazy late nights on the computer even after my day contracts have ended has put me exactly where I want to be and it doesn’t stop. I was floored to see an even higher number of women that come out to the event, an over sold out luncheon. I’m smiling from all of the lovely messages and the anticipation for the next luncheon happening April 5th! It’s always the last week where I am frantic about everything and then when the day comes I remember why I put these events on and my heart is smiling once again. The energy, the beauty and love in one room is so rewarding. I am so grateful for everyone that has been or is still part of this group and I am so honored to be able to attract the kind of people that are carte blanche, grade A spirits, high integrity and most of all self respect. If you haven’t registered for a luncheon yet, please check out the link above to see what these positive and enlightening gatherings entail. I connect and collaborate with only the best, it has always been a strength of mine and when this happens beautiful things are created; allowing everyone to shine so bright! I’m taking this nation wide and then heading south. Inspiring and changing bits of the world one luncheon at a time. Thank you, thank YOU, THANK YOU. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

#2 Letting Go – and I mean really letting go. Learning and growing through self enlightenment. It has been heavy on my heart and for the most part it has always been easy to let things go until this particular situation. This time it has been harder as I was being bullied. I say ‘was’ because I have finally let it go as of February 1st. When I lost my phone Monday night a couple of things came into play. The first was that being bullied is not fun at all and that has been hard to let go; not only the being bullied part but I literally had to get authories to fight to get my belongings back from someone that I had done a ‘live in’ metabolic reset through. I was being taken advantage of when I leant out my vehicle to this person and she didn’t give it back. When I wanted it back she wouldn’t give it back, said I needed a letter to get it back, so she impounded my car and $200 later I got it back with my GPS smashed and all my CDs broken in halves. The back seat looked like a dozen dogs had a mud wrestling match in it.

The next has been my belongings that were in her place, I’m not talking about just a scarf or a pair of sandals, I’m talking about LV’s, Chrissy Lou’s, Kate Spade, part of my shoe collection, all of my best business clothes, jackets, the list goes on and a computer with all of my son’s baby pictures that I was going to make a collage out of for his 18th birthday next month, everything that I worked so hard for over my years, stolen. She won’t give it back. She has lied to the authorities and says she doesn’t have any of it. I struggled with this. Hard. All material things, yes, but it’s about the principle, the truth, I was imprisoning myself to this persons selfish ways and later found out that she has been sued before for doing something similar so this is just the way she works. People are the way they are. You can’t change them. When family or close friends or ex-coworkers of someone tells you to stay away from the person, they aren’t out to get you, they are trying to save you. That was my lesson x2. Yes, this is the second time I didn’t listen because it is their experience, not mine…so I thought. I never said I was perfect. I am learning and experiencing what my soul needs to for this lifetime.

Coming back to losing my phone. Be very careful what you wish for. I was still on the iPhone 4s and really didn’t like my phone since CES Vegas after I saw what Samsung was up to, best technology in my opinion. If anyone has an iPhone I’m sure we would have the same complaints, freezing, short batter life, pocket moving the apps, et cetera, et cetera. I was out for a night in Cancun and and from the restaurant to the cab my phone was gone. So there you go. I didn’t like my phone and wanted a Samsung and I was waiting for the phone to crap out so now I will get what I wished for. It was more about the photos that I took here the first couple of days, the phone I don’t care so much for. Now this comes back to letting go. I am free of the fight, the police, my friends and son have tried contacting her and she has blocked them, it’s her karma for keeping things that are not hers and clearly, I will get better replacement items as well as a new celly and she needs it more than I do. The point of this is about letting go but it’s also about going with your gut, if people are doing things that are not in alignment with your morals and values then that is how they will be with you in business. Ensure that people are who they say they are, check their credentials, make sure that your trainer or nutritionist is certified and looks the part. You wouldn’t get your hair done by someone who has bad hair, right? I am finally exhaling and just remember, any time is the right time to make things right with someone. Be wise about who you connect with as well as how you disconnect with people.  It’s a small world and bridges must not be burned. Sorry to hear that Calgary is -30. You should all be here on the beach with me!!!

With the intent of love,


A Prayer for the Lost

I pray for peace and I wish for healing. We are aware of the continuing violence around the world and even in our communities, and I’m not just talking about the physical violence but the war that is between friends and families and within ourselves. As we each try to find our own way through our complex inner emotions, I want you to know that you are not alone in your struggles or fears. Even as tragedy and suffering still occurrs to so many people and has throughout history, remember all the good and all the love that has been created through the passionate and kind voices calling for peace and healing.

Tonight I am saying a special prayer for those in the dark, those that are running, those that are hurting, those that hurt and those that are alone. You must open your eyes to the light that shines and be open to a new understanding that all that you have known is not all that you will ever know, nor all that will ever be. Let go of what does not serve you any longer, embrace change and allow yourself to heal and trust again. Sweetest dreams everyone. Tomorrow you will shine brighter than you did today. I’ve had many friends take their lives and want you to know that you may be that light for someone and to never judge someone walking down the street or take their grumpiness to heart because you don’t know what someone is going through or has gone through until you walk a mile in their shoes. And if you are that person that is in the dark, call for help, call me. I don’t care how late it is just call me and if I don’t pick up just text me or message me here. I am serious. You are not alone and you are very much loved but you need to ASK for help.

New Year’s Schmesolutions

As I reflect on 2013, I could actually cringe, but I know for certain that I am not leaving any of it behind. And by that I mean I want to take all that I have learned and experienced with me into my new year as guidelines for 2014. Only my very close friends and family know that the last year was probably one of the most difficult years I’ve ever had, but it was also one of the most fun, exciting and rewarding times in my life; pertinent to my personal development and where I am now. I came out a little bruised, but I took time out the thank my hardships and the people who I let go and the ones that walked away because I came out stronger and wiser and I would probably do it again. Ok, no, but in reality when you know what you know, you just know, you know? How is there such a thing as a mistake when clearly at that moment you made the best choice with the facts that you had gathered. I am proud of remaining graceful and grateful when things headed south and I over came my fear of losing everything when in truth, everything that I had was all in my heart and no one could ever take that away from me. Society through media, or perhaps your next door neighbour, will sometimes make you feel like you don’t have enough or that you aren’t enough because you don’t have enough. Times are changing and so are the old ways of thinking. My purging of old energy was difficult at first because it was all familiar, but letting go is so empowering and so cleansing.

When a new year arrives, so many of the same resolutions are made from the years before. I laughed when I asked my friend what his resolutions were and he said his was to do the ones he made last year. For the last few years before 2013, like many people, I stopped making resolutions because I never followed through with them. They were the usual: work out more, eat less junk, cut out red meat, spend less, etc. We are all great at goal setting but what is a goal or dream without a plan? I stopped making promises to the usual resolutions because those are things everyone should be doing on a regular basis. You cannot follow through or meet goals if you are not mentally prepared or if you don’t have an actual step by step list of to do’s to get there. So how do you get there? Try setting goals that have to do with Self and then external goals will be met much easier.

Last year, instead of making external resolutions I decided to make an internal resolution and for 2013 it was to use my voice. Yes, it seems like I already do but actually when in doubt I ask what would love do and then I decide. Many people like to challenge me on all sorts of topics and when it get’s a bit aggressive I usually step back and just let the person continue or let them have the last word. Last year I didn’t, I used my voice and spoke up and the freedom that comes with the right to stand up for my beliefs and really speak up was so refreshing and shut out some really negative energy but of course I was still respectful and graceful. I decided to let bullies like that know that if they can dish it then they can take it too. This year I have decided to go with my gut instinct. The very first time. I’ve realized that giving people the benefit of the doubt is wrong. It’s not them, it’s me. Whenever there is doubt it is no benefit to you or your gut. Remember that actions speak louder than words and they must always be in harmony. Stop second guessing your gut because your gut is your second brain if not first in so many ways, physically and mentally. So that’s it folks, go with my gut the first time, never second guess my gut instinct and if someone is doing something that is not in alignment with what I would do or believe, although we are all different, then the time has come when I have to let go of people who are self-destructive. I think that was my biggest lesson for 2013; you can’t help those that hurt themselves without getting hurt yourself. You can only guide someone so far. Moving forward I’m not making any resolutions, I’m making a promise to Self. Cheers to 2014!



Modern Ladies of Influence Luncheon – Calgary

I don’t claim to be the best or to know it all, nor do I want to be the most popular and be seen in the scene. Creating real relationships built on honesty and trust is one of the things I enjoy in life and whoever is in my life I always try to add value and always have their back. I don’t take sides, I stick up for fairness and please note that Karma is not a bitch, she is about equal energy and works alone.

If you’re looking to make 2014 the best year ever then you need to surround yourself with the best people that are in alignment with their purpose. The path you take must be of least resistance and the people that can take you higher are the ones that are going up as well. The people that surround you is a reflection of all that you have created, an emanation of yourself. Who you choose to surround yourself with is an awareness of who your soul needs for growth.

December’s luncheon was a full house and I’m so excited to be surrounded with another round of incredible women to start this year off right! This luncheon is going to be my favourite because we talk about relationships with Self, with your partner, with your coworkers. Who surrounds you is a reflection of who you are inside…we are all mirrors to each other and therefore we all need to help each other. February is also heart month and in so many ways that it is probably the most important month because heart month is not only about how it beats but is also about love and the most important relationship we will ever have is with ourselves. If we can do that then we can have great relationships in all of the different scenes we have in our book.

We are excited to see you Saturday, February 1st at 80th & Ivy Modern Kitchen with special guest speakers Melissa Macky & Julie Clitheroe with fashion served with dessert with Kimberlie Stern of APT22. Cheers to you and the wisdom that you have gained, don’t leave 2013 behind, take all that you have experienced and use it to create your most successful year ever!

We are just confirming our list and are so blessed to see so many women that take action out there! Looking forward to another great event!

Get your tickets fast through the links below as seating is limited!!!

Connecting, collaborating and creating a better life for a better world! It’s all about personal development in this lifetime of yours. Thank you, thank YOU, THANK YOU. <3

Ladies Luncheon Facebook Invite

Ladies Luncheon Eventbrite

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#MLOI Facebook Page

There is an Artist Within Each of Us

Each of us has a story and our stories come from different places through character, emotions, realizations, choices and of course demographics, circumstances and upbringing all come into play. Imagine our lives as artists – painting through expression without words but through feelings that are invoked by our passions that motivate and move us. We have canvasses that we put our stories on with fluidity; pure movement created with a reflection and put into fruition by our conditions and experiences, unfolding the ultimate memoir, in color. A journal that we are expressing from our own perception, through our own facts, knowledge, history and our own truth.

Beautiful, picturesque history flowing so freely without boundaries or judgment. Deep down, we are all artists and how we decide to express ourselves is entirely up to us. No one has to believe it, like it or even have empathy for it, nor do they have to understand it; therefore, no one can tell you that your art is askew or appalling, and thus no one can take it away from you. We all choose our paint and brushes of the moment and our style will vary based on our vision, growth and reality. My vision is glorious. My growth is steady. My reality is what I choose to create.

Imagine two people who just went through the same experience. At that moment, everything was identical; however, it would not affect them the same. They would not feel or react the same as the other, or learn or even see things the same as the other person. What they have grown up believing and knowing is completely different when they were clearly conditioned, they were painted a different picture growing up and they painted their own paintings based on their thoughts and lessons. So when you see someone, do not judge for you have never walked a mile, not even a minute, in their shoes. Love and appreciate the beauty of the different genres we are creating through love and emotion so creatively. Paint freely and with passion. We are all artists. We must respect each other as fellow artists because there is an artist within each of us.

Mastering the Game – Enjoying the Reality of the Illusion as a Gamemaster

The only thing that you should ever have to fear is being bound to your own Self limitations and the conditioning that you have been enveloped into a warmth and comfort contributing to the false illusion of your reality. You are a vibration of your thoughts. The very thoughts that create your world is exactly what you have attracted and is in alignment to what is needed for your growth as you trust in the process that is unfolding for you. You are mastering the game.

The Goddess is within you and the time has come to recognize the divine energy that has always been with you, that has always embraced you. Opening your mind to a new realm of understanding, nourishing your soul with inspiration and your heart with love; defining the value of life in a perpetual manner. A new way of experiencing the world as a playground in a world that inspires you to create harmony through love and joy, increasing the natural frequency positive vibrations taking you further into a vortex as you master the game.

Like a diamond in the sky, Mother Earth radiates her intense beauty as she sparkles with all her might through the void of time, space and energy of the Universe. Perhaps you have a knowing and sense of security like wings embracing your spirit and the belief of a higher power that watches over you that has been divinely inspired. You trust and begin to play in the reality of an illusion that shapes into a fate that has been organized accordingly to your souls purpose; mastering the game.

The cycle of a new Earth has come as Mother Nature reclaims what is rightfully hers and restores her majestic grace. A calmness brings clarity after the storm, rejoicing those that have lost. Grand trees replenish and satiate the deep blue skies as clouds burst into a surge of heavenly love forming promises of a new future. The stillness brings out a harmony of relief creating a symphony of appreciation and tenderness. When you are still, when you are one with Earth you can hear her calling your name, welcoming you to the beauty of what life’s halcyon existence, the spiritual and physical honor through divine choice. We don’t live on Earth we are earth, God within each of us. We are each a game master. Welcome to the Aquarian Awakening and enjoy the reality of the illusion as a creator and master of the game.


Toxic Relationships: What is the Payoff?

I hear so many women/men in terrible relationships tell me whey they stay. They stay because of comfort. Because they have invested so much time. They stay because they still love the other person but love them for when they first met, now things are not so dreamy. Since when did loving someone else come before your Self? Since when did you ever allow someone to make you feel less than what you are truly worth? You’re actually comfortable settling for something that you know is not for you? You’ve invested so much time that you actually want to invest more time not being happy? What kind of life is that? Oh wait, a friend reminded me that people stay in relationships for kids too…how could I forget that classic excuse. Stay in a hell for kids? What are you teaching them? That you are not worthy enuogh to have love? Why does dad sleep in the basement mommy? How come mom and dad don’t hug or kiss? Or why do you guys fight all the time? If it’s for the kids then make it for the kids, they are so impressionable and if you think they don’t see it they do. Kids are smarter than you think and there is nothing wrong with 2 parents loving their children and parentlng them apart. Be true to yourself and true to your kids. They will eventually put two and two together. Children associate the word ‘love’ with emotions and feelings. How you teach them about love is how they will continue in their lives. Do you want your child to think it’s ok to stay in an unloving or even abusive relationship?

If you didn’t like it you wouldn’t order it so why are you in it? Doors only open once you close the door to a past that does not suit you well. You have 2 choices: 1. Stay, make changes in your Self (because if you think you can change someone by manipulating them you can’t or if you think someone will change for you they won’t) and accept it OR 2. Know that this is your only chance at life and get enough courage or self love to leave and stop complaining. If you’re in a situation where you have to be a constant private investigator you have issues. If you have to check your man’s phone all the time you have issues. If you hate it when your gf wants to go out and looks hot, you have issues. You have issues of control. Stop trying to control others and get control of your own life. And if you are allowing someone to control you then you live by default.

Happiness is the only way in life. And if you’re not laughing anymore or if it feels like a chore then it may be time to let go. It may not feel good at the time but it will be a huge weight lifted off your shoulders and don’t make the mistake I made by staying unhappy in a relationship for much longer than it had expired. Although I don’t have regrets I do regret the length of time I chose to stay in something that wasn’t for me when I could’ve been spending all that time with my friends and family instead. Be brave! 


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